Nereids & Naiads

March 20 — May 19, 2024
Exhibition   •   Amsterdam, Netherlands


Throughout the passage of time, the Mediterranean nurtured cultures with vastly different trajectories. Nonetheless, if one thing remained constant, it’s the important role bodies of water have always played in most if not all aspects of life and culture.

In 'Nereids & Naiads', we revisit the role water has played in the mystification of the Mediterranean landscape, from the perspective of people native to the mare nostrum and foreigners acting as observers of the ways the aquatic scenery interacts with nature and culture. The serenity, the turmoil, the nostalgia, all given in each artist’s unique techniques and colors.

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Leah Gennaraki


Leah Gennaraki was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Currently she is studying BA Literary and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. “Having grown up in the heart of the Mediterranean, I have always felt the importance of bodies of water in people’s day-to-day lives and well-being. From the number of people earning their livelihood, working on boats or hydroelectric power stations, to weekly recreational family trips to nearby beaches, rivers and lakes, the Mediterranean people share awe, love, respect and fascination for the bodies of water that surround their entire existence.” Inspired from her experiences and observations as well as her studying of Ancient Greek history and literature, Leah is attempting to bring together an exhibition that reflects the romanticism that has enveloped the Mediterranean aquatic scenery in the collective consciousness of both natives and foreigners.

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