About follow.art

To be an artist, to be an art lover, to run a gallery or an art fair — it’s always exciting, sometimes it’s beautiful and rewarding, but… is it easy? Almost never.

We’ve been there. We’ve seen all those last minute doubts, delayed deliveries, trembling hands, hassles and emotions, difficult and even wrong decisions.

But we’ve seen also the first sold artworks, overcrowded galleries, breathtaking success. With an honour of being at backstage of more than 150 global art fairs across the Europe and beyond, we at Art Fairs Service decided to bring our experience online. And so follow.art was born.

follow.art is about

Сreating shortcuts you can follow in the uneasy journey of creating, discovering, understanding, exhibiting, selling and buying art.

It’s about your personal space in the big, big world of art, whether you’re an artist, art lover, gallery owner or art fair organiser.

It’s about being anything you need to fulfill your ambitions — your portfolio, homepage or art store, your exhibition or gallery walls, your art collection or never ending wish list.

It’s about offering you an online toolbox full of ready-to-use instruments to bring into life all the opportunities mentioned above and even more.

And we at follow.art are there for you!

Always open, always personal, always on your side. But before all that — always in love with art. To be honest? We are not promising to make your journey easy. But what we can promise — it will be worth it.

On 2021-02-09 Art Fairs Service has entered into an agreement SKV-L-2021/20 with Latvian Agency of Investments and Developement on receiving support within the framework of the programm “Promotion of international competitiveness” which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund