STRATA Gallery



Gallery. An edgy selection library of exciting art contempo, prominent experiences and not necessarily useful objects. Gallery. With a mission that cultivates artistic discussion and educates the public about the work of contemporary established and emerging artists. Strata Gallery provides a venue that encourages artists to experiment and re-examine what art is and could be. Strata Gallery presents community events, including but not limited to; exhibits, educational tours, performances, workshops, and printed educational materials. Strata Gallery does not favor any distinct style and promotes a range of diverse and authentic individual expression through a varied material practice, imagery, style, and ethos. Located in the expansive district of art workshops in the "Romexpo" perimeter, in the vicinity of the Plastic Fund Combine, STRATA is a concept gallery whose portfolio brings under its umbrella emerging artists, established artists, but also immersive, multidisciplinary experiences. The strata of concepts, projects and artworks gained in time, are made by the artists which overlapped an important layer in our venture. As they are, individually and peerless defining our roots.

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